Deployment with AWS Elastic Container Service

Justin Coyne

Stanford Libraries

Samvera Connect - October 2018

An abbreviated history of cloud computing

In the beginning there was the server room

Then Jeff Bezos offered to rent you a virtual machine (2006)

and it was good.

Containers appeared (2008)

Container as a Service (CaaS)

Why use containers?

Consistent environment


Run Anywhere

Better deployment

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

AWS Terms


The price per vCPU is $0.00001406 per second ($36.43 per month) and per GB memory is $0.00000353 per second ($9.14 per month).

~$600 per year

You can turn it off when you're not using it!

Set up autoscaling to add capacity when you need it and scale back when you don't.

Hyrax's big flaw

The Hyku Solution

How can we make Hyrax make better use of containers?